Tour Guide Iceland | Hinrik D. Bjarnason | Super Jeep Tour Iceland
Whether in private groups, for incentive and conference trips, inspections, photo shoots, guided Super Jeep or self-drive tours, culture and music programmes, hiking tours or golf trips – there are many ways to get to know and fall in love with Iceland.
Hinrik Bjarnason, Tourguide Iceland, Super Jeep Tour
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Super Jeep Tour Iceland

Explore & Discover

My Super Jeep is registered for 7 persons, extremely comfortable and highly modified to fit your needs:


+ Leather seats

+ 46″ inch tyres

+ Difflock, front- and rear-axle

+ Crawl gear

+ and much more …


My Super Jeep Tour allows you to get in touch with the magic of Iceland. Super Jeep Tours for larger groups can be also organized.



Toyota Landcruiser

+ Leather seats

+ Registered and comfortable

+ for 4 passengers


Nissan Patrol

+ Leather seats

+ 35″ inch tyres

+ Registered and comfortable

+ for 6 passengers



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